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Integrative Acne Specialists

At Pacific Touch, we change the narrative around acne. Rather than suppressing the skin's surface with a quick fix, we help you get clear by listening to the messages your body sends you.

At Pacific Touch, we change the narrative around acne. Rather than suppressing the skin's surface with a quick fix, we help you get clear by listening to the messages your body sends you.

Always with Alofa

The Pacific Touch mantra — meaning everything we do is with love. At each stage of your skin health journey, trust you have community, family, and, at our core - love.

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The Pacific Touch Experience

INTAKE — When you visit Pacific Touch, we take the time to understand your lifestyle, physical and mental well-being, and any past traumas through a comprehensive intake form.

TREATMENT — This information forms the foundation for your unique treatment plan, which includes a 90-minute session consisting of a deep cleanse, and depending on our treatment plan we use enzyme exfoliation, extraction methods, micro-current, and corrective peels.

TRUST — We believe in transparency and education, so you can expect to walk away with recommendations, resources, testing options, and personalized homework to continue your journey at home.

SUPPORT — Your journey extends beyond the treatment room. In addition to acne-safe makeup and body care resources, our team of estheticians are here to support your journey with personal follow up care via email and weekly virtual office hours. You will also have access to our private Pacific Touch Facebook group for extra peer support!


Clear and Repair


Clear and Repair

After our comprehensive skin health intake we will completely customize your acne treatment plan.

This can include anything from deep cleansing, exfoliation massage, any necessary extractions, high frequency, enzymes, corrective peels, LED light therapy, professional serums, treatment masks, microcurrent, etc.

90-Minute Clear and Repair $275 (with Nichola $345)


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Clean & Clear

Proven results for acne-prone skin.

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“Working with Nichola (for 5 years now!!) has been an absolute game changer for my skin. But my visits with Nichola go so much beyond the physical. I met Nichola when I was really, really struggling with my skin - I had perioral dermatitis, hormonal acne from going off the pill, seborrheic dermatitis... among other things.

She helped me through each layer of this with a level of compassion & knowledge I've never experienced elsewhere. Beyond just her facials - her lifestyle recommendations, reminders to practice self love and product swaps are things I'll always carry with me. She's truly become a good friend, my skin is in such a stable place (which I am grateful for daily!) and I look forward to our sessions like you cannot believe.”

Elizabeth from Sweats and the City

“The first time I walked into Pacific Touch, I was beyond defeated about the state of my skin. I had been dealing with acne on and off my entire life, but the beast breakouts I was dealing with were unlike anything I had known before; deep, painful, cystic acne that was leaving pitted scars on my once totally clear face. It was the type of acne that was so bad I was embarrassed to get facials because of the comments I was fearful I'd get from my esthetician. Even the thought of travelling home on the subway bare-faced was enough to keep me from getting any kind of help. Nichola was just different. Her energy was nurturing, warm, reassuring, and hopeful. She didn't take me through a menu of skincare options, she actually asked me about my daily practices, and the winner was her questions about birth control. It wasn't until I met her that I even made the connection between long-term hormonal birth control usage, and the subsequent acne I was experiencing. I had my IUD taken out shortly after my first session, and when i tell you the last day i had a cystic breakout, was the same day i walked out of my OBGYN's office free from hormonal birth control forever. I am forever thankful for her attention to detail, her caring demeanor, and the absolute power house she has created in Pacific Touch and all its wonderful estheticians. From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you.”


“I found Pacific Touch just after taking myself off topical and oral antibiotics. I had started ProActiv as a young kid and little did I know, damaging my skin barrier over and over, not understanding the damage I was causing. Jumping around from derm to derm, skin care line to skincare line, Pacific Touch was like a sigh of relief for my skin. They not only inquired about nutrition, allergies, other medications and lifestyle but took the time to deeply evaluate my skin. With consistency and the guidance of the gurus, my skin cleared up and has stayed clear for years. I’ve learned to see any acne as a sign, not as a problem. Couldn’t ask for a better experience!”