About Our Treatments

You are unique and so is your skin.

Pacific Touch NYC Skincare specializes in treating acne and uses non invasive cutting edge modalities for skin rejuvenation like Microcurrent, Microneedling and LED Light Therapy.

All treatments are completely customized and tailored to address your unique skin and your specific skin goals.

• No Cookie Cutter Menu
• No “One Size Fits All” approach
• No Overwhelm Over What to Choose
• No Salesy Upselling During Treatments

All first time visits to Pacific Touch NYC include:

• An extremely comprehensive skin health history
• A fully customized treatment to address your specific skincare concerns
• A follow up plan for at home care
• A treatment plan going forward to ensure you meet your skincare goals.

Acne Treatments

We will customize a holistic facial and treatment plan based on a very comprehensive skin health intake, your skincare goals, and your skin’s current condition.

Microcurrent Therapy takes years off your appearance by lifting and toning all the muscles in the face. Working on sagging jowls, neck muscles, contouring cheeks and lifting the eye area.

Microcurrent Therapy

Are you ready to love the skin you’re in?


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