Acne Treatments

Pacific Touch Acne

Pacific Touch Acne Client Progress Shot (results may vary depending on the individual)


75 mins / $175
(mild to moderate acne)

90 mins / $195
(moderate to severe acne)

Acne treatments include:

  • An extremely comprehensive holistic skin health consultation
  • The development of your U.P.A
    (unique acne profile)
  • Fully customized treatment
  • Holistic follow up treatment plan

*Please note: Virtual acne consultations are available please email

w/ High Frequency

Led Light therapy is a non invasive healing light that works on a cellular level to kill acne bacteria, reduce inflammation and boost collagen production.

High Frequency uses a safe oxygenating electrical current that enhances blood circulation, eliminates toxins and acne causing bacteria and encourages lymphatic drainage.

This treatment includes a professional cleanse, 30 minutes of LED and finishes with high frequency and treatment cream.

Single treatment $75
3 Pack $195 (save $30)
6 Pack $360 (save $90)
12 Pack $700 (save $200)

Pacific Touch client progress shot after 2 microneedling sessions (results may vary depending on individual)


Perfect for treating acne scarring, pigmentation and overall collagen boosting skin rejuvenation.

We use a CIT Pen that has tiny needles that create a very controlled injury that stimulates collagen production.

90 mins / $295
3 Pack $750 (save $135)
6 Pack $1520 (save $250)

Are you ready to love the skin you’re in?