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About Nichola

Talofa!  My name is Nichola and I am a holistic esthetician and founder of Pacific Touch NYC.

My mission is to help people solve their unique skin problems with holistic treatments that don’t involve taking hash medications with scary side effects or using nasty chemicals.

My Specialty is Helping:


People who have had acne that has plagued them well beyond the teenage years.


People who got through their teenage years unscathed skin health wise and then suddenly started breaking out in their late 20’s and have no clue what to do.


People who have acne that have tried everything and nothing has worked.


People who have acne who want to go to natural route but are overwhelmed by all the information from Internet DIY experts.

I also help people who are have rosacea, eczema, redness, sensitivity, flushing, dryness, dehydration (feels tight), fine lines, brown spots, loss of tone, a lack of firmness or lackluster skin that has lost it’s glow.

My Why

I suffered from chronic cystic acne for over 15 years & experienced first hand how devastating it is to battle with distinctively difficult skin. At its worst my face was covered in hormonal acne that would throb all along my jawline and I would experience painful inflamed cystic eruptions on other parts of my face, my chest and my back.

I distinctly remember wanting to call in sick from work one day because I had a cystic breakout between my eyebrows that was so swollen that I looked like I had a third eye. I never did call in sick from work but I spent more time than I care to remember spackled in thick makeup to “cover” up my acne and being in public even with my “mask on” could be excruciating sometimes.

I hated having face to face conversations because I spent all my time obsessed that people were looking (and grossed out) by my skin. I remember dreading having to look in mirror knowing there were going to be new breakouts every day to deal with. In desperation I went on untold dermatologist visits and tried countless medications and harsh topicals including but not limited to:


  • More than 2 rounds of accutane that dried out my skin, my eyes and my lips to scary levels, gave me scabs up my nose and left me with skin sensitivity issues I battle today.
  • Different birth control pills from the tender age of 15 up until my mid 30’s.
  • Rounds of antibiotics that were as temporary band aid and messed with my gut flora
  • Harsh medicated lotions that bleached my towels and pillow cases and made my skin super dry, tight, uncomfortable and/or flaming red and reactive.
  • OTC acne washes and Proactive kits that dried out my skin and made it extremely red and sensitive
  • DIY clay masks that pulsated and turned my face bright red and I would try absolutely anything that I thought would dry up (burn) my acne breakouts.

 I was miserable and trapped in a vicious circle of self loathing that was evident by the way I was treating my skin.

Some of these things I mentioned above cleared up my skin temporarily (accutane for a good year or two even) but my acne always came back and with usually with vengeance!

It wasn’t until early in my esthetician career when I had the good fortune of being trained in
New Zealand by a holistic esthetician that I changed my approach to my own skincare from ‘battle mode’ to education, nurture and support that I achieved extraordinary results and dramatic changes in my skin and cleared my acne for good.

Why Holistic?

Yes there are sometimes faster and easier ways (read: harsher with nasty chemicals) to treat most skin conditions but they are not always successful and many of the drugs used are controversial with scary side effects.

And even if these harsh medications and topicals are “successful” they only work to fix the symptom and do nothing to help the root cause of why you have the problem in the first place. The holistic approach is most interested in helping you find the root cause of your skin problems and helping you resolve these problems naturally.

During all the years when I was using “band aid” solutions to dry out my existing breakouts no one ever asked me about my diet, stress levels, digestive health or lifestyle habits and certainly never shone a spotlight on the underlying issues and imbalances that were most certainly affecting my skin.

Why Pacific Touch NYC?

After nearly a decade of working professionally with people to help them to clear their skin naturally without scary medications or nasty chemicals I have devised a holistic system that helps people understand their unique skin, what it needs and the underlying issues that may be standing in the way of their skincare goals.

Pacific Touch NYC will change the way you look at your skin issues and it will have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing.

Clear your skin.  Change your life.

Client Stories

Thank You Nichola for Healing Me

“Before I met Nichola, I was in need of a miracle. Since I was 15 I had suffered from acne. Then two years ago, a series of nasty illnesses and multiple hospital visits seemed to kick my acne into high gear. For those of you who suffer from cystic acne, you understand how hard it is to step outside your door every day. You’ve figured out what light you look the worst in and you’ve become an expert in the art of hiding your face. You’ve maybe shied away from any dermatologist or esthetician because you’re too afraid you could come out looking even worse.

Nichola understands all of that. She stood out to me simply because she was the first one to listen, to relate. The first time she saw me she said she could see my clear skin glowing underneath and after a few short months and her 12 treatment program, she’s pulled it out.

Through gentle extractions, organic products, red light treatments, epic hugs, lifestyle coaching and adjustments, and yummy green juices, Nichola has helped me restore faith in myself.

She’s been by my side every step of the way, she’s incredibly kind, and when I’m on her table I feel every worry melt away. Most importantly, she has my utmost trust — something I never gave to any esthetician (before her, I had a series of botched facials/experiences).

Thank you Nichola for healing me.” – Gabriella C.

My Skin Was at an All-time Low

“About 4 years ago, I decided to go on Spironolactone. If you don’t know Spironolactone, it was coined the miracle drug for hormonal acne. Yes while on Spironolactone my skin cleared up, the first year I was in disbelief…no diet changes, no crazy skin regime. However as with any unnatural drug, the effects will catch up to you. Year two, I didn’t have a period. Year three, I started to have a period twice a month. On top of that I noticed dark rings under my eyes that wouldn’t go away and cystic acne began to develop on my jawline. It became obvious that my hormones were completely out of balance and my health was suffering.

I decided to wean myself off Spironolactone and clear my skin up the natural way. It took me 5 months to gradually get off the pill, in the meantime I saw an acupuncturist once a month and took supplements. Four months into getting off Spironolactone my hormonal acne returned, Enter Nichola.

My skin was at an all time low. I had no idea how to treat it, what products to use and what products not to use (so naturally I tried everything). It was then on a whim I booked an appointment with Nichola. She said one thing that changed how I viewed my skincare, “You’ve been worrying about your skin enough, let me worry for you”.

She recommended natural and nourishing products and I bought a blue light package to help with the inflammation. Every month I would see her and she would encourage me that I was headed in the right direction. Nichola gives gentle yet effective facials that leave my skin feeling rejuvenated instead of irritated. Even at my lowest, her encouragement and the subtle improvements she saw reaffirmed I was doing something right. I religiously used Nichola’s Face Oils and followed her advice on acne fighting foods. After 10 months of going to Pacific Touch, my complexion has never been clearer or more vibrant.” – Annamara C

I Can't Express Enough Gratitude

“Wow, I can’t express enough gratitude to Nichola for her wisdom and talents in helping to treat my acne. As someone who has tried so many products to clear up my skin, this is the first time I found someone who can really help. I had just one 60 min facial session and I experienced deep relaxation, crazy improved clear skin, and a total shift in the way I try to treat acne. She had me fill out an in-depth first-time client questionnaire that gave so many new insights about potential links to my acne. She really took her time to listen to my concerns and try to find the root causes. She also didn’t try to “push” any products. I just felt a deep sense of compassion from her and she authentically wants to help you love the skin you’re in! I’m excited to sign up for her mini-breakout boot camp program!” – Laura B

I Think I've Found My Facialist for Life!

“Nichola is a dream and my biggest skincare regret is not meeting her sooner! I’ve been having skin issues for the past two years that I’ve never experienced before due to a mix of stress and hormonal imbalance. My most recent trip to the derm resulted in the doctor taking 30 seconds looking at my skin before prescribing another round of the same harsh topicals that hadn’t really solved anything, and treating me like I was crazy wanting a more whole-health approach that would target the root of the problem.

Nichola really listened to what I’ve been going through, the products I’m using, my routine and lifestyle habits, and asked so many thoughtful questions that helped us formulate a game plan. She is the ONLY person who really made me feel like I would get to a better place with my skin, and that she was committed to helping me. I think I’ve found my facialist for life!” – Cathy S

One of the BEST Investments I've Ever Made in Myself!

“I recently invested in the full Breakout Bootcamp and it is one of the BEST investments I’ve ever made in MYSELF. I have experienced dramatic improvements in my skin, my confidence, and my wellbeing overall; to me, that’s priceless.

Working with Nichola has been such a blessing; she holds a space for her clients unlike any other. I appreciate her holistic approach to skincare and wellbeing. Not only did we address what was happening with my skin on the surface, but she worked with me and supported me through understanding what was happening beneath the surface – with my diet and emotions. Her approach is truly unique!

With Nichola, I feel that I can be my most authentic self; I’ve both laughed and cried in her office, as well as experienced deep meditation and trance-like states when she works her magic! I always leave feeling refreshed, recharged, and more myself. Her care and dedication both in and out of sessions is remarkable.

Receiving a facial from Nichola is far beyond average. Her intuitive senses allow her to give you recommendations for facial care and for overall self-care; some of my best journaling prompts have come from my work with Nichola! I feel truly grateful that my work with Nichola has resulted in a deeper connection with and love for myself!

I would recommend her over and over again and have sent many of my closest friends to her. This is more than a facial, it’s self-care and self-love! I am so excited to continue working with Nichola and know that I am uncovering my most radiant skin and most radiant self!” – Lee N


Are you ready to love the skin you’re in?


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