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“Fire your facialists AND your therapists AND your best friend: Nichola Weir will take care of you" - Tiye Massey, XOJane

“Nichola is the most vibrant, gorgeous New Zealander who happens to give insane facials — they’re heavenly and so is she." Paula Mangin, HuffPost Style

“It was a life changing experience when Nichola walked into my life. It may sound crazy, but if you meet her, I promise you'll understand!" Emily Marucci, SHK Magazine

“I love this woman! If you are after a bit of glamour and pampering you must go see Nichola!" Ljubenka Milunovic, Hold the Glamour

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928 Broadway
Suite 1200 (Inside Omni Wellness)
New York, NY 10010
For Appointments Call 347-401-2036
For Questions About Treatments Please Email

Omni Wellness - Pacific Touch NYC

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